Joanne is an intuitive and compassionate alternative-therapy professional who enjoys supporting people in their healing process. She has been running her own practice for the past six years where she maintains a warm, comforting and professional presence with her clients. She is a firm believer in self-healing and has gained valuable insight into how trauma affects the body, mind and psyche.

Joanne learned first-hand what it takes overcome anxiety, depression and chronic anger when she decided to stop taking anti-depressants.  At one time, she was like many others and did not think it possible to overcome these impediments.  After much searching, she discovered methods that were extremely effective and produced results she longed for.  She now knows what it takes to make this journey and what support is needed.  She lives her life free of depression and chronic anger, and enjoys nothing more than helping others attain this goal. ​ She wants others to know that it is possible to live free from emotional pain.

She is a Certified Life Coach, a Reiki Master, a Nationally Certified Reflexologist, and a Non-Violent Communication Trainer.  She has worked as a volunteer at N Street Village, a woman’s shelter in D.C., administering Reiki sessions and providing emotional support to residents and non-residents.


She continues to study and practice alternative medicine, neuroscience and other ways of improving human connections in order to better serve others at all stages of life and health. She is currently working towards both a Certification as a Practitioner of Resonant Healing and a Family Constellations Facilitator.


At home, Joanne enjoys herbalism, gardening, kayaking and skiing in her leisure time.