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"My teenage daughter has been having severe migraines ever since she was little – we don’t know how many conventional and alternative doctors we’ve consulted. She started to see a difference the second time and now her migraines are much more manageable. She loves Joanne’s sessions and describes them as “detoxing.” I cannot thank Joanne enough!"


Reflexology can have a powerful relaxing affect on one's nervous system.  I’ve had many sessions with Joanne and always felt refreshed, relaxed, and more grounded after each. I’m so happy to know that she will be practicing near us in Takoma Park."


Medical Director, GW Center for Integrative Medicine 

"I really enjoy working with Joanne.  She has such a healing presence and I always feel heard and understood. The sessions I have with her are a wonderful re-set for my entire body and mind."


"I am so thankful for the work we have done together.   My relationships have improved and I have more peace in my life.  Joanne is thoughtful, intuitive,  and calming. I always leave our sessions feeling encouraged and completely renewed."


Joanne is amazing! She has a kind, attentive, and lovely presence. My sessions with her were really beneficial.


"When I first came to  Joanne, I was experiencing a lot of depression and fatigue. She has helped me to uncover and change the habits that were no longer working for me.  I have so much more energy and my depression has lightened.  Reiki helps me to quiet my mind and relax.  She is a caring and experienced practitioner."


"My sessions with Joanne are pure bliss. I had never had foot reflexology but from my first hour with Joanne I realized how helpful her services are. As a runner and all-round active person, I had struggled with plantar fasciitis and various knee injuries. Joanne's services and the relaxing atmosphere help heal all ailments of feet, body and mind. Joanne is so warm and lovely and her work so restoring I greatly look forward to my visits with her."


"I have a long history of painful neuropathy in my hands, feet, and legs. I’m always looking for something to help relieve my distress as treatments I’ve found are only partially helpful. I was very pleased to find that Joann DeVaris’ reflexology was one of the more helpful treatments. It also feels good and relaxes me during the sessions, and has lasting positive effects afterwards. I came to Joanne with little knowledge of reflexology and was quickly convinced that reflexology in Joanne’s hands is a wonderful addition to effective treatments for chronic pain. It is an added plus that it is enjoyable as well. Come see Joanne DeVaris. It’s worth the time."


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